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2022-06-19 01:17:07 By : Ms. Angela LU

A shaker in the wild, leaving a wet, soupy mess of drill cuttings, stirring up muck and introducing additional waste into its territory. What if a more sophisticated animal could improve waste reduction?

Discover a new shaker species:

The MONGOOSE Max high-capacity shaker with the SCREEN PULSE fluid and cuttings separator. A gentle, pulsating vacuum captures more residual drilling fluids than any other shaker, significantly reducing waste, reintroducing drilling fluids, and protecting your habitat.

Watch it in action. From cobras to fluids, this omnivorous shaker devours everything in its path, creating much drier surroundings.

Wild, conventional shakers live in large colonies, taking up space and increasing costs. The MONGOOSE Max shaker and SCREEN PULSE separator minimize the shaker colony from five to as few as three, reducing the footprint and CO2 impact.

Powered in the posterior, conventional shakers lack the sophistication of their shaker cousins, which are powered in the front. These fussy beasts require hammering to knock out the wedges. In contrast, MONGOOSE Max shakers band together, moving in unison to avoid danger.

And there you have it, mate. The MONGOOSE Max shaker has adapted to the current environment, helping you take your fluid recovery to the max.

Increase solids- and fluid-handling capacity by 35% and fluid recovery by 40%.

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