Closed Trailer Type Insulating Oil Transformer Oil Purifier (ZYM-50)

Enclosed Trailer Type Insulating Oil Transformer Oil Purification Machine  (ZYM-50)1. Removes water, trace water from oil2. Reduces combustible gases and oxygen3. Improves oil dielectric values4. Improves transformer power factor5. Extends oil service life6. Extends transformer service life and reliabilityTwo Types Vacuum T

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Enclosed Trailer Type Insulating Oil Transformer Oil Purification Machine  (ZYM-50)

1. Removes water, trace water from oil
2. Reduces combustible gases and oxygen
3. Improves oil dielectric values
4. Improves transformer power factor
5. Extends oil service life
6. Extends transformer service life and reliability

Two Types Vacuum Transformer Oil Filtration Machine / Insulating Oil Purification on Trailer and Enclosed in Canopy is the key to transformer reliability, performance and longevity. Your transformer's insulating oil should be free from moisture, dissolved gases and particles that accumulate as the oil ages. Even some new oils may require treatment to limit these contents to acceptable levels.

ZYM insulating oil /transformer oil Refining machine designed to remove contaminants (particulate, water, gasses, acids, etc. ). We are a design, engineering and manufacturing company capable of application customization for best solutions.

Water Removal: Overall Water Content ≤ 5 PPM by removing free, emulsified, and dissolved water.

Particulate Removal: Particle counts as low as 1 micron.

Entrained Air and Gas Removal ≤ 0.3%

Dielectric Strength: ≥ 70 kV per ASTM 877

With regeneration system (optional)

Acid Removal: Can be equipped with fullers earth towers to neutralize acid and Lower TAN to < 0.03 KOH/g

1.Two separating house made by stainless steel. Oil flow by rotation in stereo evaporation to degas and dehydrate well.

2.The combination of axial fan and condenser make vapor from vacuum pump and roots pump into water, it can prolong time to change vacuum oil while meet emission standard.

3.Multiple Filter Housings With Cartridge Style Filter Elements, big filtering area to hold more particles.

4.Control system: IEC standard with each wire marked. Tri-unity control to avoid wrong operation as lack-phase, wrong phase and overload.

5.Oil level in vacuum tank is controlled by photoelectric switch, which is flexible and accurate. No oil-spraying.

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Enclosed Trailer Type Insulating Oil Transformer Oil Purification Machine (ZYM-50)
Components in Details
Enclosed Trailer Type Insulating Oil Transformer Oil Purification Machine (ZYM-50)

Enclosed Type
Enclosed Trailer Type Insulating Oil Transformer Oil Purification Machine (ZYM-50)

Enclosed Trailer Type Insulating Oil Transformer Oil Purification Machine (ZYM-50)

Technical parameters
Flow rateL/hr360600120018003000600090001200018000
Vacuum degreeMPa-0.06~-0.095
Working pressureMPa≤0.3≤0.4≤0.4≤0.4≤0.5≤0.5≤0.5≤0.5≤0.5
Temperature rangeC20 ~ 80
Continuous workingH150
Power supply Three phase,50HZ ,380V(or as per customer requirement)
Working noisedB(A)606163707075707070
Heating powerkW91113153048587085
Total powerkW9.712.514.516.533.553657694
Oil inlet/outlet   mmφ2025φ25φ25φ32φ42φ50φ50φ60

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Enclosed Trailer Type Insulating Oil Transformer Oil Purification Machine (ZYM-50)

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Enclosed Trailer Type Insulating Oil Transformer Oil Purification Machine (ZYM-50)

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