Shale Shaker Shaker Oil Drilling Mud Filter Single Duplex Triple Screen Shale Shaker

                                                                                Shale ShakerShale Shaker is the first phase solids

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                                                                                Shale Shaker
Shale Shaker is the first phase solids control equipment in oil drilling mud control system, Shale shaker is the first phase solids control equipment in oil drilling mud solids control system and the important equipment in the mud recycling system as well. Generally, there are single shale shaker, duplex shale shaker and triple shale shaker.KES can provide the shale shaker in different treatment capacity with  customized service as per clients'requirement 

Kes equipment can perfectly separate solid materials and cuttings in the mud,KES shale shaker is reasonable in design,compact in structure,small in space,long in service life and excellent in material ,  low price, light weight,easy to repair and maintenance,kes shale shaker equipment can meet  your strict mud requirements,We have a complete range of equipment, but also according to the actual needs of customers,special customized

At present , kes has a variety of models of shale shakers,including single shale shaker, double shale shaker, multi-shale shaker, KES shale shaker model is complete, can meet the customer's  various  customized requirements , KES  shale  shaker  not  only  be  used  in trenchless industry, HDD, directional crossing, shield and pipe jacking, but also be used in mine reservoir sediment treatment, which is widely used in various projects

kes  shaker  models  include  single  shale shaker  KAZS114-AHB,KAZS114-ALD,KAZTS114-AHB , KAZS113-AHB , KAZS112-QHB , KAZS112-QDZ   Multiple  shale shaker KAZS3112-10  KBZS3112-12 ,  KAZS218-12 , KAZS319-10 , KBZS319-12 , KAZS216-12 , KES shale shaker quality, good reputation, advantages, price concessions, many years of product and market experience,so that we have won the market,won customer satisfaction
Shale Shaker Oil Drilling Mud Filter Single Duplex Triple Sediment Sieving Shale Shaker
Shale Shaker Oil Drilling Mud Filter Single Duplex Triple Sediment Sieving Shale Shaker
Shale Shaker Oil Drilling Mud Filter Single Duplex Triple Sediment Sieving Shale Shaker
Shale Shaker Oil Drilling Mud Filter Single Duplex Triple Sediment Sieving Shale Shaker

Vibration ModeLinear Motion
Treatment Capacity(m³/h)70120150150
Screen Qty2344
Screen Size(mm)750x900585x1165585x1165585x1165
Screen Area(square meters)1.352.042.732.73
Output Force(G)≤7.1G≤7.5G≤7.5G≤8.0G
Double Amplitude(mm)3.92~5.624.14~5.964.4~6.344.4~6.34
Deck Ajustment+2°-3~+3°-3~+3°-3~+3°
Weir Height(mm)550885885885

KES Energy Equipment Manufacturing Hebei Co., Ltd. is headquartered in Dachang, Chaobaihe industrial zone, Langfang city, Hebei province, 28 kilometers away from Beijing capital airport and 165 kilometers from Tianjin Port, with a total floor area of 26,700 square meter, the registered capital of RMB 30 million and turnover more than RMB 80 million. KES is a leading manufacturer involving in the design, R&D, production, sales/aftersales services of mud solids control equipments and systems.

KES sticks to the principal of "Quality for the survival, Technology for the development, trust to win the world and unity to build the future." The goal of KES is to be rooted in China and face the world. KES is awarded with the certificate of API Q1 and ISO9001, and eight advanced patent technology of solids control industry, which have been applied to the domestic and international market successfully with good reputation.

KES products are widely used in different applications and industries such as oil and gas drilling, CBM drilling, geothermal drilling, drilling waste management, river silt treatment, and the modern trenchless infrastructure construction, including tunneling, micro-tunneling, pipe-jacking, bored piles construction, piling construction and diaphragm wall construction., etc.

KES main products are shale shaker, drying shaker, mud cleaner, desander, desilter, decanter centrifuge, vertical cutting dryer, vacuum degasser, mud gas separator, flare ignition device, jet mud mixer, centrifugal pump, shear pump, screw pump, submersible pump, mud agitator, mud gun, mud tank, oil tank, water tank, camping and complete set of solids control systems etc.
Shale Shaker Oil Drilling Mud Filter Single Duplex Triple Sediment Sieving Shale Shaker

Shale Shaker Oil Drilling Mud Filter Single Duplex Triple Sediment Sieving Shale Shaker

Sale process advantage

Before sale:
(1) On-site inspection: accept factory inspection by customers, and make effective plans according to customers' requirements.
(2) Field simulation: the customer can specify the particle size and viscosity concentration of the material. Our company performs computer practice simulation in accordance with the requirements, and sends on-site viewing video to ensure that the equipment effectively meets the customer's requirements
In accordance with the terms of the contract, the on-time production and timely follow-up inspection of contract progress, report the order progress to the customer at any time, strict inspection of product quality, quantity, packaging, to ensure no errors before delivery and timely delivery, while meeting the customer's dual requirements for time and quality.
After sale:
(1) 365*24H video technical services are provided, while professional artificial technicians are always waiting to answer your questions or questions.
(2) The warranty period is up to 14 months after shipment, and our company provides cross-border on-site installation, training and maintenance services.
You are always welcome to send your staff to our company for further study. Our company is responsible for free board and lodging as well as solving language communication problems.
(3) Under special circumstances, our company can send professional technicians to the site within 3?days to help customers solve special technical problems, so as to help each other in business.

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