Steel frame Ta/ Tb oil seal

type:Type: TA, TB, TC, TG     SA, SB, SC, SZ     KA, KB,KC, KZ      VA,VB,VC, VZmaterial: mainly NBR, FKMcustom-made is welcomecolor: manyMaterial availableNBR, HNBR(H), HNBR(X), EPDM, NR,SBR,&nb

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type:Type: TA, TB, TC, TG
     SA, SB, SC, SZ
     KA, KB,KC, KZ
      VA,VB,VC, VZ
material: mainly NBR, FKM
custom-made is welcome
color: many
Mold We can make mold by ourselves with competitive price,
And if the quantity is up to 1000 pcs, the mold is for free.
And more, for various oil seal, we have more than 10,000 molds in stock.
Size rangeFrom 10mm to 2000mm Diameter
Weight range of products5g to 20kg
Colors available Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, gray, purple, brown, milk color
processing equipmentRubber molding machines, rubber injection machines, extruding machines.
The role of the skeleton oil seal is generally the transmission parts in the need to lubricate the parts and output components, not to let the oil leakage, usually used for
Skeleton oil seal
Skeleton oil seal
Rotating shaft, is a rotary shaft lip seal. The skeleton is like the steel bar in the concrete member, plays the role, and causes the oil seal to maintain the shape and the tension. According to the frame type can be divided into inner skeleton oil seal, external skeleton oil seal, inside and outside the exposed skeleton oil seal. Seal is made of high quality steel and nitrile rubber production, stable quality, long service life. Widely used in automobile, motorcycle crankshaft, camshaft, differential, shock absorber, engine, front and rear wheel axle, etc..
1, to prevent the sediment, dust, water and other from the external intrusion bearing;
2, the leakage of lubricating oil bearing limit. The requirements of the oil seal is the size (diameter, diameter and thickness) should be in accordance with the provisions; the requirements of a proper elasticity, can be properly stuck shaft, play a sealing role; to heat, wear resistance, good strength, medium (oil or water, etc.), long service life.
Rational use of oil seal, should pay attention to the following points:
(1) shaft speed due to the design and structure of the reason, the high speed of the shaft should be used for high-speed oil seal, low speed of the shaft using a low-speed oil seal, can not be used for high-speed shaft seal, and vice versa.
(2) in the case of the use of a higher temperature, the use of polypropylene or silicon, fluorine and silicone. And should try to reduce the oil temperature in the tank. In the case of the use of low temperature, the use of cold resistant rubber.
(3) the pressure of the oil seal is generally poor, the oil seal will be deformed when the pressure is too large. In the use of pressure under the conditions should be used to pressure bearing ring or to strengthen the pressure seal.
(4) when the eccentricity of the oil seal and shaft fit is installed, the sealing property of the seal is poor, especially when the shaft speed is high. If the eccentricity is too large, it can use the "W" - shaped section of the oil seal.
(5) the surface finish of the shaft directly affects the service life of the oil seal, that is, the shaft's finish is high, and the seal life is long.
(6) notice that there should be a certain amount of lubricating oil in the mouth of the oil seal.
(7) special attention should be paid to the prevention of the immersion of dust in the oil seal.

Framework Ta/ Tb Oil Seal with Steel Frame
Framework Ta/ Tb Oil Seal with Steel Frame

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