Gas Chromatography Transformer Oil Insulating Oil Dissolved Gas Analyzer (GC-2010MD)

Gas Chromatography Transformer Oil Insulating Oil Dissolved Gas Analyzer(GC-2010MD)IntroductionGC-2010MD dissolved gas analyzer adopts dissolved gas chromatography analysis system. It is computer automatically controlled, all-keyboard operated and large-LCD screen. It complies to requirements&n

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Gas Chromatography Transformer Oil Insulating Oil Dissolved Gas Analyzer(GC-2010MD)

GC-2010MD dissolved gas analyzer adopts dissolved gas chromatography analysis system. It is computer 
automatically controlled, all-keyboard operated and large-LCD screen. It complies to requirements of power
 system dissolved gas component determination for insulation oil(chromatography). And it's 
characterized by high-precision temperature control, stable and reliable performance, high 
sensitivity, good reproducibility.
GC-2010MD adopts double-pillar parallel shunt system,equipped with TCD, double FID and methane 
conversion oven. It could achieve total analysis of nine components (H2,O2,N2,CH4, C2H2,C2H4,
C2H6,CO, CO2) of dissolved gas in insulation oil by one time.            
It can be employed for internal fault detection of power system oil and gas equipments, cooling medium 
analysis of hydrogen-cooled generators, impurity analysis of sulfur hexafluoride, the boiler flue gas 
analysis, gas analysis and environmental monitoring analysis. Due to its employment not only for special analysis, but also for general analysis, the analyzer becomes the most effective gas analysis instrument in petroleum, chemical engineering, mining and other systems.

Major Charateristics
1. Computer-keyboard operation,easy to operate.
2. High precision and sentivity,good reproducibility
3. Stable and reliable analyzing performance
4. Automatic analysis process,simple operation
5. Large LCD screen
Technical Parameters
1.Temperature Control
1.1 Temperature range
Column chamber: room temperature +15°c---399 °c
Vaporizing chamber: room temperature+30 °c -399 °c
Conversion furnace :room temperature+30 °c -399 °c
Thermal conductivity detector: room temperature+30 °c -399 °c
Hydrogen flame detector :room temperature+30 °c -399 °c
1.2 Temperature control precision: ±0.1 °c
2. Thermal Conductivity Detector
2.1 Sensitivity: minimum detectable concentration of hydrogen≥5μl/L
2.2 Noise: ≤0.05mv
2.3 Drift: ≤0.15mv/30min
3. Hydrogen Flame Detector 
3.1 Minimum detectable concentration of hydrocarbon≥5μl/L
3.2 Minimum detectable concentration of CO,CO2≥5μl/L
3.3 Noise: ≤0.05mv
3.4 Drift: ≤0.15mv/30min

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Gas Chromatography Transformer Oil Insulating Oil Dissolved Gas Analyzer (GC-2010MD)

Gas Chromatography Transformer Oil Insulating Oil Dissolved Gas Analyzer (GC-2010MD)

Gas Chromatography Transformer Oil Insulating Oil Dissolved Gas Analyzer (GC-2010MD)

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Gas Chromatography Transformer Oil Insulating Oil Dissolved Gas Analyzer (GC-2010MD)

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