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2022-05-19 09:47:09 By : Mr. Fan Hu

Our solids control technologies optimize drilling efficiencies by maintaining fluid integrity, reducing fluid losses, minimizing HSE impact, and lowering drilling costs through NPT management. Offerings include advanced shale shakers and associated OEM composite screens, new-generation centrifuges and pumps, cuttings dryers, and the RHE-USE two-stage centrifuge system enabling reuse of invert emulsion drilling fluids over multiple wells.

We work closely with rig designers, contractors, operators, and shipyards to customize integrated drilling and waste management configurations for optimal fluid recovery, reduced dilution rates, less waste generation, and lower costs.

New-generation cuttings management technologies reduce the HSE footprint of drilling operations. They include fully enclosed pneumatic technologies for the containment, handling, temporary storage, and transport of drill cuttings. Thermal and frictional desorption minimize the fluid content of cuttings, significantly reducing total waste volumes and the need for costly transportation. We also have significant expertise in planning, implementing, and monitoring in situ injection of drilling waste. Operators save time, labor, rig space, and mitigate HSE risk by avoiding transportation over water or on roadways.

Consistently high-quality solids control performance—on land or offshore.

Remove dry solids from the entire circulating volume while retaining premium base fluid.

Reduce costs and waste volumes on shakers from M-I SWACO or third parties.

Remove low-gravity solids and produce clean fluid for reuse in drilling systems.

Comply with environmental regulations by safely and efficiently collecting and containing drill cuttings.

Meet or exceed stringent environmental standards in remote and environmentally sensitive locations.

Maximizes liquid-solid separation in large-volume processing.

Combine pulsating technology with ultraefficient screens for the utmost in cuttings treatment and fluid recovery.

Minimize HSE risks, waste generation, and emissions.

Reduce offshore drilling waste stream by up to 90%, reduce trips to shore, lower emissions and fuel use.

Precisely control pressure in coiled tubing, drilling, completions, or any other critical operation.

Protect your well and completion with optimized filtration solutions.

Provides excellent separation, capacity, and screen life for MD series shakers.

MONGOOSE Max high-capacity shaker eliminates the need to upgrade to a costly dual-deck shaker, thus saving time and money while maintaining a small deck footprint

Reduction in oil-on cuttings (OOC) ratio leads to 150-m3 mud recovery

The MONGOOSE Max high-capacity shaker significantly increases solids- and fluid-handling capacity over previous-generation M-I SWACO shakers. 

Conventional mud recycling system failed to remove fine solids and reduce waste disposal

Replacement screen fits the NOV Brandt VSM 300 shakers.

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