Transformer Oil/Lube Dissolving Gas Chromatograph (GC2010 MD)

Main Features:1.  Large-screen LCD display; rich and intuitive displaying content; convenient to set parameters.2.  Unique microcomputer automatic ignition device.3.  Stable and reliable digital zero setting to avoid baseline instability caused by the zero setting of potentiometer.4.

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Main Features:
1.  Large-screen LCD display; rich and intuitive displaying content; convenient to set parameters.
2.  Unique microcomputer automatic ignition device.
3.  Stable and reliable digital zero setting to avoid baseline instability caused by the zero setting of potentiometer.
4.  Have analysis acquisition automatic start function to seriously guarantee the synchronization of analysis and acquisition.
5.  Sample injector adopts ration card to guarantee accurate sample injection and good repeatability.
6.  Intelligent back pullout automatic cooling system with frequency conversion function; with fast cooling speed; achieve real near room temperature operation.
7.  Column adopts unique tracking temperature rising to avoid detector contamination caused by rapid heating of column chamber .
8.  With gas stopping/leaking protection and prompts functions; maximize the protection for TCD tungsten and column from damage.
9.  Temperature control adopts Multichannel Integration Solid-State Relay to make temperature control stable and reliable.
10. Fault self-diagnosis function. At any time to show failure cause and alarm indication.
11. Adopt microcomputer control, keyboard setting, LCD display, with memory function.
12. High performance detector and methanator. The detection capability completely meet the Electric Power Ministry's determination of gas component content in transformer oil.
13. Adopt one injection, second diffluence column with quick analysis speed and good repeatability.
14. Double hydrogen flame design to make low content hydrocarbons and high content CO, CO2 separately detected to avoid mutual interference.
15. Adopt new type column packing material, double column temperature flow to make the C2H2 detection time quicker, sensitivity higher and analysis period shorter.
Technical Parameters:
Column chamber temperature:room temperature +5ºC~420ºC, temperature control accuracy ±0.1
Detection chamber temperature:room temperature+15ºC~420ºC, temperature control accuracy ±0.1
Reburner temperature:room temperature+15ºC~420ºC, temperature control accuracy ±0.1ºC
TCD sensitivity, min detection concentrationfor H2<2ppm,  O2<5ppm,  N2<10ppm
FID detection concentrationfor hydrocarbons such as methane, ethylene, acetylene<0.1ppm; detection concentration for CO,CO2<2ppm.
TCD sensitivityS> (benzene)

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1.The warranty period is 24 months from commissioning acceptance date on. After the warranty period is over we provide lifelong maintenance and technical service.
2. We guarantee the maintenance time no more than 3 working days and response time within 1 hour.
3. We build instrument service profile for our clients to record the product service and maintenance conditions.
4. After instruments start service, we will pay follow-ups to collect the service conditions.

Our Company:
Chongqing TOP is a professional leading manufacturer and supplier of oil purifiers and various testers for petrochemical products and power equipment. 

TOP Oil Purifiers provide you with reliable insulting oil purifier, turbine oil purification machine, hydraulic oil purifier, lubricating oil filtration machine, transformer oil filtering machine, fuel oil restoration, steam-turbine oil reconditioner,dielectric fluid regeneration system, circuit-breaker oil recovering system, compressor oil recovering machine, gear oil renewal machine, coolant oil treatment, quenching oil reclaiming machine, oil and water separator, steel-rolling oil regeneration equipment, waste automobile oil recycling equipment etc.

TOP Testers works on the development, production, market, technical and after-sale service for petrochemical analyzers,transformer substation electrical testing equipment and circuit detecting equipment. Main products are trace water content testers, fully auto surface/interfacial tension testers, open/closed cup flash point testers, kinematic viscosity testers, oil acidity testers, air release value testers, multifunctional degassing oscillation instruments, dielectric loss testers, insulation oil dielectric strength testers, transformer characteristics comprehensive testers, relay protection testers, cable testers, high voltage testing equipment etc.

Honest Team - TOP always honestly treat you and keep faith to make you satisfied with every cooperation with us.
Sincere Communication - TOP sincerely communicate with you to guarantee the provided products to be your ideal ones.
Reliable Quality -TOP own high quality and high performance for every TOP product is under strict quality control and testing.
Service Commitment - TOP bring you prompt, considerate and professional aftersale service and technical support, and explore technology future together.

Our oil filtration machine: 
Series ZY Single-Stage Vacuum Transformer Oil Purifier 
Series ZYD Double High Vacuum Transformer Oil Purifier 
Series ZYB Multiply-Function insulating oil treatment machine 
Series TY Turbine Oil Purification Apparatus
Series TYA Lubricating oil/ hydraulic oil purification unit 
Series TYB Portable light Fuel oil purification machine 
Series TYD Vacuum dehydrator 
Series TYF Phosphate ester fire-resistance oil purifier 
Series PL Plate pressure oil purifier 
Series TYD Vacuum dehydrator 
Series EFD Explosion protection filtration machine 
Series BAM Press filtration system 
Series ZKCC Vacuum pumping device 
Series COP Cooking oil purification machine 
Series CYS Centrifugal oil purification machine 
Series JL Portable oil filtering and oiling machine

Petroleum Products General Testers:
1.Fully Automatic Karl Fischer Water Content Tester TP-2100
2.Digital Karl Fischer Water Content Tester TP-6A
3.Kinematic Viscosity Tester VST-2000
4.Kinematic Viscosity Tester TPV-8
5.Kinematic Viscosity Tester VST-3000
6.Fully Automatic Oil Acidity Tester (6 cups) ACD-3000I
7.Fully Automatic Surface/Interface Tension Tester IT-800
8.Automatic Surface/Interface Tension Tester (Platinum Plate Method) IT-800P
9.Fully Automatic Open Cup Flash Point Tester TPO-3000
10.Fully Automatic Closed Cup Flash Point Tester TPC-3000
11.Digital Open Cup Flash Point Tester TPO-100
12.Digital Closed Cup Flash Point Tester TPC-100
13.Cloud Point & Pour Point Tester PT-2000
14.Multi-functional Vibration Tester VBT-2000
15.Automatic Potentiometric Titrator TP668
16.Petroleum Products Density Tester DST-3000
17.Petroleum Products Density Tester TP-109A
18.Karl Fischer Volumetric Water Content Titrator TPD
19.Distillation Range Tester DIL-201
20.Online Oil Quality Tester PTT-002
21.Liquid Phase Corrosion Tester TPS-05
22.Copper Corrosion Tester TP-113
23.Petroleum And Synthetic Liquid Anti-Emulsification Tester TP-122
24.Dew Point Tester DPME-P
25.Portable Chilled Mirror Dew Point Tester TP-1500

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